S. Rosen

About me

Originally from Maryland, I came to UMass Amherst to study Mathematics and Computer Science. After applying to programs focusing on using mathematics or statistics to solve problems related to understanding relational data, I have decided to join the statistics department at Duke as a PhD student. Some specific problems I’m particularly interested in are applications of latent space graphical models, community detection, and building scalable graph systems. At UMass, I most enjoyed my time as a teaching assistant for Calculus 1 as it gave me the opportunity to teach students directly. In my free-time I like to read, create generative art, listen to music, and watch baseball. I have been fortunate enough to pursue opportunities at General Dynamics Mission Systems, Johns Hopkins University: Applied Physics Lab, DraftKings, and Datadog. In addition, I was a research and development intern at Genentech working on the Epiviz project. This summer I will be an intern on the Machine Learning Accelerators team at Cruise.

Research Interests

  • Online algorithms for data analysis such as community detection, recommender systems, or forecasting
  • Spectral graph clustering/Statistical network inference
  • High Performance Computing for graph algorithms

Professional Interests

  • Devops, API Design, Functional Programming
  • High Performance Computing, Scalable Systems, Graphics, GPU programming
  • Data Visualizaton, Math Modeling
  • Social Network Analysis